Coconut Oil And Weight Loss

It is a fact that coconut oil gives out what is known as saturated fats. The misconception severely associated with this is that a majority of consumers never knew that the saturated fats are also good or bad, some saturated fats were good too.

Fatty Acids

Fatty Acids For Weight Loss

The most primary nutritive constituent present in coconut oil is the medium- chain fatty acids or triglycerides. These elements present abundantly in the coconut oil, accelerate the speed of metabolism in the body to an appreciable extent as they are very easily digestible and even easier to be transformed into energy. Whereas the long chain fatty acids in the unsaturated oils, on the contrary, are very difficult to get decomposed and hence, get accumulated within the body as fats and cholesterol leading to a greater tendency built into the body to put on weight. This fact has proven by scientific research and analyses done on animals as well as humans.

According to a study done on the effect of the medium chain triglycerides on metabolism in the body, it was found that the rate of metabolism improved by a good 48% with the use of Coconut oil. The sample was made to undergo a before and after experiment where they were observed before and after being administered meal that was rich in medium chain fatty acids. In the case of individuals who were excessively obese, the rate of metabolism got better by almost 65%. This thermogenic effect lasted for about 24 hours.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil

The main benefits of coconut oil is to help in the process of weight loss. A teaspoon of Coconut oil in a today could be sufficient o achieve the target. Later on the quantity of intake could be increased when the body becomes used to.

A study that published in the American Journal of Public Nutrition claimed that the efficiency of the medium chain fatty acids in speeding up the metabolism was three times greater than the performance of long chain fatty acids. Researchers also proclaimed that use of the medium chain fatty acids could be instrumental in affecting weight loss by burning the buffered fat in the body.